Minke whales and pacific white-sided dolphins today on our tour

Minke whale: Galaxy It was a beautiful clear calm day when we departed from Alder Bay this morning making our way over to the Stephenson Islands and into Weynton Passage viewing harbour seals and bald eagles en route, one mature eagle we observed was feeding on a salmon on shore on one of the Stephenson Islands while other juvenile eagles clustered around it nearby. A minke whale was suddenly reported being in the vicinity of Weynton Passage and it was not long before we all caught a glimpse of it, travelling towards the Pearse Reefs in Cormorant Channel. Christie and Jared identified it as being Galaxy, the first sighting of this minke whale this summer which was exciting news.  After viewing several dive sequences, we left the minke whale to feed and at a considerable distance later, as we passed back through Weynton Passage we all suddenly could smell the very pungent smell of minke whale breath which seemed quite extraordinary at the time that had elapsed since leaving the whale and we scanned thoroughly looking for the possibility of another minke whale but did not find one. Cruising through one of the island waterways of the Plumper Islands the scenery today was simply stunning as the trees, rocky out-crops on islands, bull kelp forests,  sea and sky all reflected colours that were vivid and vibrant. Pacific white-sided dolphins 50++ were sighted off the Plumper Islands heading towards Stubbs Island and we enjoyed viewing them from a far and then closer when some joined us riding at the bow of the boat. Always a treat to spend time with, the dolphins did not disappoint and for some passengers they were the highlight of the tour and we observed them feeding steadily watching as they made their way into Weynton Passage. On our way back home a minke whale was sighted near Alder Bay by Geoff (one of our passengers) and leaving Alder Bay crossing back to Alert Bay we were fortunate to get a close viewing and Christie and Jared identified this second minke whale as Rapid. It was a perfect ending to a fabulous day's outing on the water.

Bald eagle feeding on salmon

pacific white-sided dolphin