humpback whale watching at its best!

Today was an extraordinary day of viewing where minute by minute we all watched on spellbound as three humpback whales at one point converged together lunge feeding while rhinoceros auklets also tried to feed on the abundant herring. The viewing was spectacular, the whales intent on their feeding seemed oblivious to our watching and while words cannot express our excitement, some of the photo's posted I hope will better explain our viewing. Some on board were also lucky to be watching in the right direction at the right time as one of the whales breached once today! While observing two and then three humpback whales feeding, it is also possible that a fourth was further away nearer to Mitchell Bay where we had seen one as we approached the lunge feeding whales  thought initially to be two, but were in fact three whales near Stubbs Island and two more that we later saw near Bold Devonshire Tea on the way home

Head bringing the count to five (or six) humpback whales today. After leaving the two whales off Bold Head and nearing Stubbs Island some 200+++ pacific white -dolphins were sighted, they were well spread out over a wide area and were intent on feeding, some joined us briefly by swimming alongside and at the bow of the boat, it was wonderful seeing them near and far into the distance! While the lighting was dull earlier in the tour,  the sky and sea quickly changed to blue and the sun shone warmly upon us. Other sightings today included: harbour seals, oyster catchers, bald eagles, red-necked phalaropes, rhinoceros auklets++, one common murre, herring and glaucous-winged gulls.