Humpback whales ~ new calf with fabulous viewing

Shortly after leaving the dock this morning a minke whale was sighted briefly, it was making its way in the direction of Alert Bay while small groups of dall's porpoises were also seen feeding nearby. As we headed  east the A5's were reported inside the Robson Bight

Humpback whale Slash: no dorsal fin and other injuries to body

Ecological Reserve foraging, they  passed outside of the Reserve briefly going as far as Izumi Rock and then headed back inside the Reserve continuing to forage. The A36's were meanwhile reported foraging off Malcolm Point. We travelled into Blackfish Sound sighting two humpback whales en route, one off Bold Head and the other off Flower Island. It was near Parsons Light where we encountered a third humpback feeding in the flooding current. Making our way back up the Sound we saw two more whales,

new calf

new calf

possibly the ones that we had seen earlier from a distance and near Stubbs Island, Slash and calf were seen as well as a third whale being present alongside of the calf as seen in our photo's, a nice surprise! The viewing of these whales when they surfaced near the bow of the boat was extremely exciting to see. Other species also seen: rhinoceros auklets++, harbour seals, black oyster catchers, red-necked phalaropes, herring and glaucous-winged gulls.