Resident orcas, 3 humpback and 2 minke whales + more!

Gulls galore this morning pacific white-sided dolphin

It was an incredible day of viewing cetaceans, from the very beginning this morning observing small groups of dall's porpoises intently feeding followed by gulls galore and then 12++ pacific white-sided dolphins feeding along a tide line and soon

one of the humpback whales

after, just on the edge of a fog bank near Stubbs Island a humpback whale was sighted! We carried on to the west following along the Malcolm Island shoreline heading towards Lizard Point where

I 104

orcas had earlier been reported heading west. Unbelievably as we carried on past Lizard Point and nearing Bere Point two more humpback whales were suddenly sighted travelling east and as we drew abreast one


a beautiful day!

breached twice, surprising and delighting of all of us and two passengers were lucky enough to capture their photo's. The day was a gorgeous one and as the fog receded, the beauty of the Queen Charlotte Strait revealed

minke whale # 1

minke whale #2

itself and we all enjoyed the calm sea, the Coast Range Mountains and light blue coloured sea and sky. As the orcas came into view ahead of us they looked magnificent! Spread out and moving forward, stopping to forage and then porpoise with speed, relaxed and yet forward moving against the now flooding current the viewing was simply superb, stunning and exquisite. The Northern Resident Orcas present in the wide-spread mix were: A36 brothers (A46 and A37), A23's,  A25's and the I 31's. Passengers enjoyed listening to both A & G-Clan calls via our hydrophone and 8km off Malcolm Point we ourselves turned towards the east in the direction of the Pultney Point Light House still watching as the orcas continued on their way steadily west. With a NW wind blowing we hoisted our main sail and enjoyed our Devonshire Tea with the sun warm upon us. Nearing Cormorant Island we enjoyed some quality time viewing a minke whale and then nearing Alder Bay, a second minke whale was also seen. Other species seen : harbour seals, rhinoceros auklets, bald eagles and common murres. Photo's to follow soon.