Brilliant viewing of Orcas today in Johnstone Strait!

Orca Spyhop

What a great day we shared today in Johnstone Strait. Orcas were reported in the Strait early on in our tour and after viewing the numerous species that inhabit the Stephenson Islands at this time of the year, we carried on to the east encountering the I15 Matriline who were travelling with the A8's, at Cracroft Point; meanwhile the A23's & A25's (rest of the A5's) were across the Strait on the Vancouver Island Shoreline. It was wonderful seeing the I15's and listening to their G-Clan repertoire of calls, they were milling around in Blackney Passage, some were resting while others looked to be heading into Blackfish Sound but with the current flooding they carried on to the west travelling close along the Hanson Island shoreline in their matriarchal family groups. It was up near Turn Point that we observed the A23's and A25's turn back to the east from across the Strait, we believe the A8's did so as well, peeling off from the I15's  near Turn Point and moving mid-Strait in an easterly direction. While drifting in the current with our hydrophone deployed and enjoying Devonshire Teas, we all sat listening to the beautiful calls of both A & G-Clan Orcas and as the I15's carried on to the west, we observed spy-hopping, tail slapping, foraging and resting behaviour and it was not easy to leave those playful orcas. We parted ways with the last small group of orcas (I65's)  who were following after the rest of their I15 families, all of them at that point looked to be entering Weynton Passage.  Other species also seen today: Dall's Porpoises, Harbour Seals, Pigeon Guillemots, a Double Crested Cormorant, Ruddy Turnstones, Black Oyster Catchers, Bald Eagles, Glaucous-winged, California and Herring Gulls.