Humpback Whales +++ and two Minke Whales ~ breathtaking and beautiful!

It was an amazing day once again and while the morning began as a grey and dull one, the afternoon was sunny and bright with inky blue hues being reflected on the sea and in the sky, it was gorgeous out there! Soon after departing on our tour this morning we saw herring balls forming with gulls feeding intensely upon the herring that had massed together in their attempt to survive, all due to the work of rhinoceros auklets and common murres swimming upwards as though in flight from depths below driving up the small fish coming together in a tight ball at the surface. Our first humpback whale was sighted at the top end of Blackfish Sound and soon after, a second one was seen along the shoreline of the Plumper Islands in Weynton Passage and this one being closer in proximity to us, we stopped first to observe it. Scanning further down in Blackfish Sound another humpback whale was seen and then quite suddenly, another humpback whale surfaced behind us, bringing the count at this point to four whales in the area. As the morning progressed we saw another humpback whale in Blackfish Sound and one far across off Bold Head and while we did not get to see them all individually, seeing the blows off in the distance and knowing that there were five and possibly six whales out there today was wonderful. Looking towards Weynton Passage and seeing a humpback whale surfacing we made our way back and spent a lovely time moving in wide circles in the flooding current along with two whales, all of us circling around, going in and out of back-eddies and it was fabulous to watch not only them but all of these other species as well: hauled out harbour seals and stellar sea lions, dalls porpoises, red-necked phalaropes, pigeon guillemots, rhinoceros auklets, common murres, bald eagles and an eaglet on the nest and black turnstones. Just as the tour was nearing its end, a minke whale was suddenly glimpsed and as we drew nearer, we realized there were two of them travelling together, it could not have been more wonderful!

Testimonial of the day: Maureen and Dave, It was an absolutely fabulous trip! Not only did we see a lot of humpback whales, sea lions and harbour seals (by the way the first humpback whales in my history of 3 whale watch tours around the world and my absolute favourite whales!) we also got the most delicious muffins and scones since we came to Canada! The atmosphere on the boat was great and so relaxing and we learned so much because of the interesting facts and stories during the trip! I am so fascinated by the whales and think that they are amazing animals and it's good to see that there are people like you who really care about them!

Thanks for the amazing trip! Victoria and family ~AustriaIMG_5816 IMG_5828 IMG_5832 IMG_5838 IMG_5852 IMG_5856 IMG_5765 IMG_5778 IMG_5801 IMG_5814 IMG_5749