Brilliant viewing of Cetaceans ~Orcas, Humpback and Minke Whales!

What more could we ask for! A day that grew more lovely and exciting by the hour. Beginning when our passengers heard the blow of a humpback whale near the Plumper Islands in Weynton Passage and ending with the sighting of a minke whale as we neared Alder Bay on our way home and in the middle portion of our tour was some delightful and awe-inspiring viewing of resident orcas: A23's and A25's. The humpback whale was beautiful to watch in the morning fog with the sun shining through and while watching we could also see dall's porpoises feeding in the bright light shining in the top end of Blackfish Sound. The orcas who had been reported moving west along the Hanson Island shore in Johnstone Strait, moving in an ebbing current, they continued on past to the Stephenson Islands and then crossed the Strait to the Vancouver Island side and slowly began making their way east, some had travelled as far as Lewis Point. We met up with them near the Wastell Islets, the A25 matriline were almost adjacent of the A23's who were foraging close along the VI shoreline. We enjoyed some absolutely stunning moments especially when the 23's suddenly turned and made their way directly towards our boat and alongside, where we could see them chasing salmon! It was superb viewing and a moment in time of phenomenal beauty and wonder! "I can't stop smiling after today. I never thought that we would experience being so close to the orcas's. Simply amazing. Thank you. Scones were good too. " ~ Mike, Mandy and Luke, England

We enjoyed seeing orcas up close and the landscape was great! Thanks for the nice food as well. Another great memory! Thank you! ~ Cappaert Family, Belgium

"It was a pleasure to sail on your boat enjoying the whales, orca sightings and your interpretation. I am a SLOW ENJOYER OF THE MOMENT and I fully appreciate. More over, the homemade food is delicious. You made my day! " ~ Stephanie from France and Galgary.IMG_8527 IMG_8538 IMG_8567 IMG_8648 IMG_8668 IMG_8672 IMG_8683 IMG_8685 IMG_8730 IMG_8735 IMG_8744