Resident Orcas ~ I15's in Blackfish Sound and Humpback Whales ~a fabulous day!

Our day began for all of us when at the dock at the Alder Bay Resort, we watched as two juvenile river otters played together; they were seemingly unafraid of our passengers who were waiting to board. Once underway we enjoyed another beautiful day on the water viewing spectacular scenery showcasing the layering effect of ranges upon mountains that make the BC coast such a beautiful one when seen in this manner. On our way through Weynton Passage we sighted the blow of a humpback whale near the Plumper Islands, it was moving slowly making its way towards and then through the Blowhole, as did we following behind at a considerable distance. It was a beautiful entry into the Sound, guided by such magnificence! Resident orcas, the I15's were once again today very relaxed and resting while waiting for the ebbing current to slacken, this time at Blackney Passage at the entrance to Johnstone Strait. Midway in Blackfish Sound and near to Orcalab another humpback whale was seen resting quietly on the surface of the water, it too was very relaxed and it seemed a perfect day for R & R for all of the Cetaceans in the Sound; with calm and sparkling blue waters, sunshine and not a lot of boat traffic around enabling humpbacks and orcas a good chance to rest in the ebbing current. Making our way back through Blackfish Sound we saw the blow of another humpback whale and small groups of dall's porpoises who were focussed on feeding and in a bald eagles nest we observed two eaglets sitting high in the nest. Also seen today: river otters, pacific white-sided dolphins, stellar sea lions, hauled out harbour seals, rhinoceros auklets, common murres, black turnstones, black oyster catchers, pigeon guillemots, belted kingfishers, bald eagles and gull species.

Today's penned comments: "I just said,  I feel like when we stepped onto this boat we entered a magical world – like- never-never land. This could not have been more spectacular the beauty of the surroundings alone has left me awestruck but the majesty of the sea that showed itself today is amazing with beautiful seals, and a humpback whale to lead us on our way to the orcas – the numerous orcas in line together was so special! And the 'resting humpback'. All of that alone would be enough but the beauty of the boat and the knowledge Maureen shared, not to mention the spectacular treats of tea, muffins etc. Absolutely wonderful. I will be dreaming of coming back to do this again. Thank you! "Nancy & Alicia~VA, USA

"What a beautiful day! Thank you for the knowledge about the whales and the respect for nature! And the delicious muffins and scones – we enjoy a bit of British Tradition once in a while. We have not tried a whale watching trip around Victoria and we probably won't because who needs that after such a wonderful trip! Thank you." ~ Manita & Leonnie. Netherlands.


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