Orcas this morning and two Minke plus Humpback Whales this afternoon with brilliant sightings!

"It was another amazing day of sunshine, hot temperatures and calm waters on the North Island! Today we have had an incredible day with two tours, each of them so different from one another. This morning had us heading out into the Queen Charlotte Strait where orcas were reported heading north towards the Penfold Islets and then towards the Foster Islands and beyond, they were moving steadily West, the A36 brothers were in the mix with the I15's well ahead of them all.  On the afternoon tour we enjoyed some fantastic viewing of a minke whale (Bolt) soon after departing from Alert Bay and afterwards we carried on out into Blackfish Sound where we encountered two humpback whales with three more seen at a distance, one of whom was Ripple with her new calf. A second minke whale was also seen on the way home. It was an incredible afternoon that we all enjoyed with some wonderful sightings of marine life punctuated with scenic cruising through beautiful island waterways. Also seen today: dall's porpoises, harbour seals, common murres, rhinoceros auklets, fork-tailed storm petrels, a great blue heron, bald eagles ++ as well, two eaglets almost ready to vacate their nest, gull species and belted kingfishers. Today's penned comments: "It was an amazing day with you two! Thank you so much for seeing whales and all the other animals. The catering was FANTASTIC. TC and best wishes" ~Rico and Kathi, Germany

"Wonderful trip - so informative and a successful viewing of whales. Brilliant scones and muffins. Thank you" ~Cathy from Whitstable, a fishing village in Kent, England.

"Salt air, sunshine, sea breeze, magical creatures, spectacular scenery. Knowledgeable friendly guides, delicious food. Happy people. Unbelievable. Very grateful! Paradise!! A MILLION THANKS!" ~ Leslie Sayer, Burnaby, BC

"Thoroughly enjoyed our afternoon! We saw minke and humpbacks as well as many seabirds, eagles and seals. Matt was a wealth of information on all of the above - very personable and helpful. Muffins, scones and tea were delicious! "~ Claire & Cindy Susut  IMG_0335 IMG_0339IMG_0331 IMG_0338 IMG_0358 IMG_0348 IMG_0347 IMG_0343 IMG_0342 IMG_0369 IMG_0371 IMG_0389 IMG_0403 IMG_0408 IMG_0334