Superb viewing of Resident Orcas: I15's, A23's and A25's + numerous Humpback Whales!

What an incredible time that we enjoyed on both of our tours and while the morning was a foggy one, the viewing of the orcas was absolutely phenomenal! The fog had begun to clear and while we were listening on our hydrophone to the beautiful G-Clan vocalizations of the I15's they were suddenly there, emerging from the lingering patches of fog. It was fabulous and exciting for everyone onboard and breathtaking when they came by us, the viewing was superb! On our way back we enjoyed viewing a humpback whale and dall's porpoises who visited us briefly.  On our afternoon tour we had many sightings of humpback whales throughout the tour beginning and ending with one in Weynton Passage, we also saw one at Cracroft Point and three more in Blackney Passage, they were exciting to spend time with and one cannot help but be enthralled by their sheer size and beauty! We enjoyed spending time with the I15's as well as the A23's and A25's who were near to Cracroft Point at our time of viewing, they were foraging in the current at Blackney Passage, resting and travelling. Also seen today: stellar sea lions, harbour seals, dall's porpoises, rhinoceros auklets, common murres, fork-tailed storm petrels, harlequin ducks, black oyster catchers, gull species++feeding++, bald eagles and two eaglets who have made giant steps upon leaving their nest, they were both observed sitting in different trees (access by flight only) and each with a guardian adult, it was fabulous to see them! Today's penned notes: "We had to wait for a while to view any animals but the wait was totally worth it! Wow!!!! We saw killer whales swim under the boat. Amazing! After that we got to see porpoises, eagles and a humpback. We had an amazing magical morning!! We will never forget!" ~ Fam. Carpreau. Belgium

"It was a great experience. We have travelled a lot and watched wildlife all around the world, and this tour exceeded our expectations. Besides the wonderful nature, the atmosphere on the boat was so easy-going and relaxed." ~ Zosia & Jaek Kostyrko, Warsaw, PolandIMG_0557 IMG_0573 IMG_0577 IMG_0579 IMG_0585 IMG_0587 IMG_0590 IMG_0628 IMG_0638 IMG_0639 IMG_0656 IMG_0665 IMG_0686 IMG_0688 IMG_0689 IMG_0690