Whales galore! Orcas: Biggs Transients T55's & Residents A30's & A42's & Humpback Whales!

We enjoyed another fantastic day on the water on both of our tours with a surprise sighting of Biggs Transient Orcas (T55's) on our morning tour as well as some wonderful humpback whale viewing in Weynton Passage en route to viewing orcas. There was also a humpback whale in the area at Blackney Passage along with the Transient orcas and again homeward bound, there were several more sighted moving about in Weynton Passage. One of the whales we observed lunge feeding through a herring ball nearby which was fabulous to see, especially the pectoral fin waving about! On the afternoon tour, resident orcas were reported moving east from the Queen Charlotte Strait and we were fortunate to meet up with them off Donegal Head: they were the A30's and the A42's. The viewing was superb with some spy-hopping, tail slapping and breaching behaviour that we observed amongst the younger calves as well as intense foraging and lunging after salmon by A38 and A66. Some A-Clan vocals were heard via our hydrophone and also some echolocation and while watching the orcas a humpback whale surfaced nearby which added greatly to our viewing! How fabulous it was, the sun was warm upon us, the Coast Range Mountains were spectacular and the lighting was soft yet vibrant, reflecting off the kelp forests and sparking shorelines. As well today, two birthdays were celebrated while on tour, Wendy's on the morning tour and Meridel's on the afternoon tour, such was the magic of the day, and what a wonderful day and 'gift' for both of them! Also seen today: stellar sea lions, harbour seals, common murres, rhinoceros auklets, marbled murrelets, black oyster catchers, red-necked phalaropes, fork-tailed storm petrels, bald eagles, harlequin ducks, great blue herons, belted kingfishers and gull species. Todays penned comments: "We did enjoy our trip and loved to see the orcas and whales. That's what we came for, thank you very much! The scones and muffins were delicious." ~Lenie, Piet, Hans & Inge, Holland

"Thank you for taking us with you. We had a beautiful day and saw the orcas which we adore."                     ~Marcel & Corina, Netherlands

"Such an incredible experience being with you and seeing orcas and humpbacks. Your knowledge of these animals is wonderful. I love your excitement when seeing something special. Great food too."                                  ~ Doug & Lish, Yellowstone & Mass, USA

"The best birthday (60th) present ever! What a fabulous trip! Will never forget the 'birthday wave' by the humpback! Thank you so much" ~ Wendy, BC

"Fantastic! Thank you so much." ~ Kitty, BC

"Beautiful great experience. Thank you so much." ~Helen, BC

"Absolutely amazing - 2nd time! Whales galore, sea lions, muffins, scones. Hospitality superb! I'll be back and refer."~ Mary Ann, BC

"Wonderful tour. Thanks for the birthday scone. Beautiful memory! I will always remember this. "                             ~ Meridel & Danny, QC

"Best day ever!" ~ Wayne & Sherry

"Great day! Great muffins and scones" ~ Eric & JacquiIMG_5586 IMG_5591 IMG_5595 IMG_5597 IMG_5606 IMG_5634 IMG_5678 IMG_5694 IMG_5753 IMG_5779 IMG_5810 IMG_5818 IMG_5836 IMG_5850 IMG_5886 IMG_5889 IMG_5896 IMG_5901