Another beautiful day on North Vancouver Island ~ Resident Orcas, Humpback Whales, Dolphins & Porpoises!

IMG_7016 IMG_7055 IMG_7082 IMG_7120 IMG_7129 IMG_7002September 11, 2014 How beautiful our day was and so like yesterday with gorgeous weather continuing and cetacean sightings in abundance! Looking out towards the Coast Range Mountains they were breathtaking this morning, their peaks were clearly defined and the layering of colours of the ranges, folding upon one another was fabulous to see. En route to viewing orcas we could see humpback whales at a distance, their blows were easily visible as were the black dorsal fins of orcas as we drew closer to them. The A30's and A42's were near the Mainland and were swimming back to the east against the ebbing current, they were spread out with resting and some foraging behaviour observed as well playful interactions were seen amongst the younger calves, playing with dolphins who were porpoising around them. With our hydrophone deployed and our engine off we drifted back in the ebbing current listening to their beautiful A-Clan calls. We had observed A38, again foraging to the west on his own and at some point noticed him back with his sisters and their calves, all of them were in a resting line while the A42's had also grouped themselves in a resting line, both groups being pushed back by the ebbing current. Near Bold Head two humpback whales were seen, a mother (Ripple) and her calf, another was seen off Donegal Head and another nearing Weynton Passage. We enjoyed watching the mother and calf feeding together through a herring ball with some lunge feeding seen as well. It was a treat travelling back via the island waterways stopping to view hauled out stellar sea lions along the way, we also witnessed a bald eagle carrying a fish to shore! Also seen: harbour seals, common murres, rhinoceros & cassin's auklets, fork-tailed storm petrels, bald eagles, belted kingfishers, double crested cormorants, red necked phalaropes, harlequin ducks, black oyster catchers, marbled murrelets, and gull species.

Today's penned comments: " It has been a sharing experience ~ allowing us to see the joy of nature. The sea with the mountains and forests in the background and orcas, sea-lions, humpback spouts in the foreground. All with the sounds of the birds and the boat cutting through the water. Maureen, your commentary linked to your wonderment and appreciation for what we were seeing was great.” ~ Chris & Jean, BC

An amazing day! Great company, great snacks. Lots of opportunity for great photo's! Thank you! “ ~ Dale & Jennifer, BC

"Thanks so much. A wonderful memorable experience. We will be back.” ~ Helen & Rob, BC

"Thanks for taking us on this great adventure! What a wonderful day! “~ Dorothy & Vieth, Germany/AB

Can't imagine a more perfect experience ~ a 'bucket list' life experience. Thanks so much.” ~ Marie & Rob

Second time in two weeks and doing it again in a couple of days. Great whale viewing and gracious hosts. Saw seals, sea-lions, orcas, humpbacks and even an eagle catching a fish. Great!” ~ Janet & Mike, TexasIMG_6880 IMG_6881 IMG_6915 IMG_6960 IMG_6963 IMG_6971 IMG_6976 IMG_6982 IMG_6988

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