What a beautiful world we live in..........along the BC coast. We must protect it at every cost!

It was a beautiful day for touring through some of our favourite places and while we did not see any whales we were wonderfully aware of increasing feed coming into the area in the flooding current through Weynton Passage with a vast increase of bird species since our last tour out five days ago. It is exciting and inspiring to see the variances of change taking place over a period of days and a movement of birdlife coming into the area. We enjoyed viewing dall's porpoises, stellar sea lions including a pup, harbour seals, pelagic cormorants, gull species, bald eagles, common mergansers, rhinoceros auklets, common murres, western grebes, red necked phalaropes and pacific loons in their beautiful summer plumage. Prior to leaving the house this morning, pacific white sided dolphins were seen heading west in front of Alert Bay while arriving into Alder Bay, a mink was seen scurrying along the dock! IMG_0852 IMG_0865 IMG_0876 IMG_0874 IMG_0872 IMG_0867 IMG_0868 IMG_0849 IMG_0863 IMG_0860 IMG_0871