A beautiful day touring through the islands and sighting of a humpback whale along the way!

IMG_1118 IMG_1123I I am having trouble loading text and photo's to this blog so I will make it short. There are several photo's that I have unfortunately been unable to load, the more I try to load, the more I loose!  As well as viewing the humpback whale which was really exciting to see, we also had sightings of harbour seals, a stellar sea lion, dall's porpoises, bald eagles++++ so many in the trees as well as soaring high in the sky in thermals! Common murres, rhinoceros auklets, pacific loons, belted kingfishers, oyster catchers, pelagic cormorants, gull species and marbled murrelets. The sky was very grey early in our tour but turned to shades of blue and the sun began to peek on through...it was beautiful out there today! The humpback whale was Ojos Blancos (named for two white spots on the right of the fluke) and known to our area since 2013. Thanks to Jackie at MERS for the identification. IMG_1113IMG_1114IMG_1111IMG_1157 IMG_1162