Small miracles do happen!

Just as we were departing from the dock at Alder Bay Resort this afternoon on our way back to Alert Bay, a camera slipped from one of our passenger's pocket and fell overboard, sinking quickly below the water surface! It was devastating for the couple from Belgium whose entire holiday photograph's were stored on the camera card, none of the digital photo's had been copied, their entire trip in BC with documentation from Nootka Island wolves, Knight Inlet grizzly and black bears and humpback whales from our tour today, were lost to watery depths below! What to do and quickly with the current ebbing fast in Alder Bay? Dave quickly took to the water with our guests in his skiff and headed back to Alder Bay in an attempt to locate and fish for the small camera from the bottom of the bay at where we had briefly docked on our return from our morning tour. Meanwhile, Sunfun Divers in Port McNeill were contacted  and headed down to Alder Bay an hour or so later. After Dave had only turned up seaweed in all of his attempts at fishing for the camera, Steve from SunFun Divers found the tiny 4" x 2" x 1" camera almost on his first attempt! The camera was located at a depth of 40 feet only because a shaft of sunlight was shining brightly on the display of the camera and it was this that had caught Steve's attention! The camera could very easily have been covered in kelp but it was not. Unbelievably the tiny camera was retrieved with the digital card intact without any damage and the photo's are OK! I liken this to finding a needle in a haystack! What a relief to see the smiles big and beautiful once more upon the faces of Daniel and Katrien. Yes, small miracles do happen and when they do, we must be grateful. In life, we all experience difficult days, we loose things that we care about greatly, and when we find them again, we realize just how fortunate we really are. Yes, miracles happen and when they do, one feels an immense sense of joy and wonder.

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