Humpback whales and a minke whale ~ superb viewing!

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Humpback Whale ~ Argonaut Humpback Whale ~ Argonaut
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It was another beautiful day aboard the SV Tuan. We set sail this morning and headed in the direction of Weynton Passage. Our friend on another sailing vessel gave word of a humpback whale that they had been watching out in Blackfish Sound on the north side of Stubbs Island while simultaneously we sighted the blow of another in Weynton Passage swimming close along the shoreline of the Plumper Islands. The whale was taking some long dives and then appeared to be napping at the waters surface. We observed some beautiful dive sequences that showcased the sheer beauty and size of the flukes before the whale disappeared to depths below. We made our way touring through the islands looking at eagles and their nests, seals cunningly camouflaged among the colourful layers of seaweed and rocky tidal creatures, and shimmering bull kelp in the sunlight. We could see the coastal mountains clearly today when they came out from behind the clouds.
On our way back, a minke whale was reported near Alert Bay and it was after leaving Alder Bay when the minke whale suddenly appeared. It came by us and we were all fortunate to see it in passing. The seabirds and the circling vortex of eagles are what pointed our way to the whale initially. There were some 19 bald eagles circling over a herring ball, taking turns diving at the water with talons out, a few being successful as we all watched mesmerized!
Also seen: Harbour seals, bald eagles+++, dall's porpoises, rhinoceros auklets, common murres, belted kingfishers and gull species.
Today's penned comment:
"Second time out with Dave + Maureen. Second trip as memorable as the first 15 years ago. Humpbacks, eagles, seals with perfect weather. Who could ask for anything more." Don & Pat Woughton, Texas USA (happy 4th of July !)
It was Pat's 70th whale watching trip of her life today...
Had a wonderful trip! Loved the humpback whale and the fantastic scones and tea. Thanks so much                              ~Mary-Anne and Kevin, BC
An amazing experience, it's the first time in Canada for us and we love it. Thank you for the excellent dessert! Perfect time. ~ Valentina, Italy
First time out and I am very glad I got to see some whales! That was one of my goals before I leave Alert Bay. I want to say thank you for this amazing experience and delicious muffins and scones. Till next time ~ Shena Woolford, Manitoba
What an awesome time I experienced. I really enjoyed the whale watching with all of the "oohs" and "aahs". It was certainly a beautiful day. Thanks for all of the informative information about the Alert Bay area birds, seals and whales. All the very best to you and your family. Thanks again in friendship ~ Barbara Woolford, Manitoba.
Thank you for the beautiful tour today! This was my second trip with Seasmoke. This time with my 3 year old son Daniel, the last time he was in my tummy! Always enjoy the beautiful, peaceful scenery and the yummy snacks and company! See you again soon! ~ Bonnie and Daniel Woolford, Vancouver / Locum for the Namgis Health Centre, Alert Bay, BC
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