Superb viewing of two humpback whales ~ marine mammal viewing at its best!

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What a fantastic day we shared with our passengers. The morning was a foggy one and glassy calm and yet there was still so much to see. Dall's porpoises in small groups were numerous as were harbour seals hauled out on rocky outcrops. It was in Blackney Passage that we encountered two wonderful humpback whales, Guardian and Ripple who were working the area while circling around in the Pass. What a surprise for us when they both surfaced time and again close beside the boat while we sat drifting in the ebbing current with our engine off, they were both very relaxed. At one point we could see some lunge feeding behaviour and a pectoral fin moving about just underneath the water. It was a very exciting and close encounter with the gentle giants and far more personal than we could have ever thought possible when we started out this morning! There were bald eagles galore in the trees at Cracroft Point, they were resting while waiting for bait balls to be worked up by the diving seabirds, rhinoceros auklets and common murres and likely when the current turned to flood. The mixing calls of the eagles, common murres and marbled murrelets together with the gentle lapping of water against the hull of the boat and the mesmerizing sound of the whales inhaling, all added a powerful punch of breathtaking beauty and sound into our day. Also seen: belted kingfishers, pigeon guillemots and gull species++.

Today's penned comment: Thank you very much for the awesome trip! We never thought that we would see whales so close. We were really well treated and felt privileged to be there with you. Thanks for providing suits, the food and tea were great. An amazing experience with the two humpback whales; they gave us an outstanding show!                                                 ~ Sarah and Emmanuel, Montreal. QC

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