Paradise found amongst the Humpback Whales!

IMG_19700104_183431_1 IMG_19700104_193802 IMG_19700104_193632 IMG_19700104_183506 IMG_19700104_183334We started off in the sprinkling rain and fog this morning, but it was not a problem as our guests were dressed for the weather with the jackets and coats that we provided for them all to wear. Off we went cruising through the islands catching glimpses of nesting Black Oystercatchers and 40+  hauled out Pacific Harbour Seals and also Dall's Porpoises along the way. We made our way into Blackfish Sound where the fog still lingered and soon enough we spotted a Humpback Whale! We had some beautiful viewings today that allowed us to identify some of the Humpbacks out there. One was "Conger" whom we also saw yesterday, and the other was "Inukshuk", both whales are familiar from several years past. There were other blows in the distance, and a huge SPLASH of a breaching whale. Only a couple of us caught the actual breach, the rest were just witness to the aftermath of the school bus sized mammal throwing itself onto the waters surface and the splash, it was a big one!

The fog cleared and rain subsided and we could see far and wide. There was some intensive feeding activity on the surface as gulls, eagles, auklets, and murres gathered round a huge herring ball and in the distance we could see the gaping mouth of a Humpback Whale lunge feeding and we also saw some Stellar Sea Lions swimming in the water on our way back. And the sea it felt like a river today the way the current was flooding as we travelled back through the paradise of little islands. It was another wonderful day on the water, feeling truly positive and blessed to be able to share these creatures and their lifestyles with others who come so far to also see.

Today's penned comments:

"Loved it! Great company, yummy snacks. Thanks so much!"

Robina O'Neil, Barrie, Ontario

"This is our second time out on Sea Smoke and this trip is every bit as enjoyable as the first - except no Orcas! Tea and snacks are great."

Bob & Joanne Marsh, Vernon, BC