A beautiful day of viewing Cetaceans- Humpback Whales and Orcas ~ the A24's!

IMG_5270 IMG_5252 IMG_5242 IMG_5211 IMG_5207 IMG_5197 IMG_5193 IMG_5177 IMG_5172 IMG_5158 IMG_5154 IMG_5147 IMG_5146 IMG_5143 IMG_5124 IMG_5110 IMG_5104 IMG_5103 IMG_5096 IMG_5094The fog lifted today as we left the Bay to reveal a beautiful calm sparkling sea. We headed out to the back of Malcolm Island where we heard there were orcas to be found. En route we crossed paths with a humpback whale, and stayed in the little tossing waves and had a nice viewing. Continuing on, we caught sight of the resident A24 family, distinguishable by the one mature male (A71), knick halfway up the fin, and a new calf whose mother is thought to be A64 . They were in a resting line, travelling slow, and tight together. We went with them into the fog, and could barely see the other boats and fins a mere 100 metres around us. We headed back to the Plumper Islands and had a great view of birds feeing at the surface and a couple of humpbacks: Conger and Argonaut. Their backs shone in the early afternoon light as we enjoyed our Devonshire Teas and made our way back home.

On the afternoon tour we enjoyed some exquisite and intimate viewing of a humpback whale who we observed feeding up close beside a reef and rocky outcrop, the viewing was exceptional in the gorgeous lighting. We cruised through the island waterways viewing a humpback whale out in Blackfish Sound along with dall's porpoise, hauled out harbour seals (mothers and their pups) and stellar sea lions. The lighting was beautiful with a blue sea and sky and the sparkling kelp forests added a glorious contrast to the brilliant green's of the ' island forests.' Birds today included: belted kingfishers, a great blue heron, red-necked phalaropes+++, black turnstones, black oystercatchers, gull species, pelagic cormorants, common murres, rhinoceros auklets and bald eagles.

Today's penned comments:"Many thanks for showing us the beauty of the whales." Kai et al. Germany

"What a wonderful day on board of Seasmoke. We really enjoyed it! We'd love to come back." Germany

"Foggy in the beginning, sunny in the end, thanks for the spectacular views, the great food, and the perfect photo spots. Whales are fantastic creatures!" Beat, Stephanie, Michael, Caroline (Dieseldorf/Bülach, Switzerland)

"People may come to look for sea mammals and other wildlife. On a sailing boat, with the sun high in the sky, the spectacular landscape itself actually is enough. Seals, sea lions, eagles, porpoise and a feeding humpback whale are nothing short of a bonus!" Rob Siemerink and Family, Netherlands

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