Unforgettable Humpback Whales with phenomenal viewing!

IMG_5462 IMG_5452 IMG_5510 IMG_5511 IMG_5506 IMG_5502 IMG_5499 IMG_5561 IMG_5552 IMG_5542 IMG_5526What a warm and wonderful day to be on the water. Our orca friends had not been seen or heard of by anyone this morning so we headed out in search of humpback whale blows and did we ever have some wonderful viewing down in Blackfish Sound and around Cracroft Point! A wonderful humpback whale, Conger, was swimming in circles feeding underneath the red-necked phalaropes, rhinoceros auklets, common murres and gulls and doing circles around us as well. We simply shut off the engine and sat quietly drifting, listening for the puff and watching as the sun sparkled off its large dark back. Magnificent creatures, there was lots of action this morning with a total of five Humpback Whales. We also had a nice viewing of a pair of eagles and caught up with a lone stellar sea lion swimming, and one dall's porpoise riding our bow, catching the slipstream on each side, back and forth! It felt like Baja this afternoon when we headed out and again we had some wonderful humpback whale viewing! There were a total of six, possibly seven and we passed one more as we were heading back to the Bay. We met Jackie, the "Marine Detective" on the water in her boat and she was telling us how there was a new whale with an all white tail we've never seen before around here. With whales circling all around us it was hard to keep up with who they were, but one for sure was Ripple. Captain Mike saw a breach in the distance, lucky guy! And we cannot forget the beauty or the sound of belted kingfishers in their flight through Romantical Pass in the Plumper Islands.  It was an absolutely gorgeous day to be out on the water viewing nature and marine life at its best!

Today's penned comments: "Wonderful afternoon aboard the Tuan. Spotted several humpback whales, seal, dolphins and various bird species. Simply amazing when the whales surfaced so close to the boat. What a sight, beautiful creatures. The sights and sounds of the west coast are simply amazing. The crew was very friendly and always ready to share their knowledge. Overall, a wonderful trip. Thank you," Murielle and Don, Langley, BC

"Couldnt ask for more. Blue skies, calm seas, many sightings, good scones" E & S Ladysmith, BC

"Wonderful afternoon trip! Surrounded by 3 humpbacks and several others. Never seen such a sight before! Thank you for the hospitality and Sarah was a delight!" McWhirter's, Houston, TX