Fantastic viewings of humpback whales and orcas ~ A34's in Blackney Passage in the surging current with a humpback whale!

IMG_6060 IMG_6047 IMG_6045 IMG_6107 IMG_6105 IMG_6099 IMG_6098 IMG_6080'It was an amazing day beginning with a scotch mist morning and ending with a brilliance of sunshine and gorgeous deep blue ocean and sky. Humpback whales were observed feeding all through Blackfish Sound, we counted some 7-8 individuals as we passed on through, the ebbing current was strong with a westerly wind blowing that gained momentum as we neared Blackney Passage. The A34's were travelling to the west and we encountered them just east of Cracroft Point. It was incredible to watch as some of the orcas porpoised around a humpback whale in Blackney Passage and also as one humpback whale breached  further behind. Earlier we had dall's porpoise come alongside and bow ride briefly, it was a tremendous morning to be outside viewing the 'aliveness' of the area, an abundance of birds with gull species, rhinoceros auklets and common murres all feeding on herring, and bald eagles as well. Later on in the afternoon, the humpback whale viewing was phenomenal and with the sea and wind conditions favourable, it was possible to sail quietly with them.  It was a fabulous experience for passengers and crew enjoying the elements of wind and wave action, their senses were fully awakened by the sheer beauty of all that surrounded them! Todays penned comments: "Thanks for the awesome tour! Knowledgeable guide! Awesome extra touches with tea and muffins. Yummy scones, jam and cream. Lucky to see both humpback whales and orcas! We would highly recommend a whale watching tour with you! " Bobbie and Larry. Comox .BC

"We are travelling though Canada for 3 months. After three weeks now we can say that this is and will be one of our most exciting highlights. We are happy we saw so many whales. The muffins and scones were delicious! (would be happy to get the recipe of the scones)." Birget & Thomas, Germany.

"We really like it here. We were blessed to see some orcas with our kids. Thank you for the tea, coffee, hot chocolate, muffins and scones. It sure is peaceful out here." Jarod, Avery, Isabelle & Myles, Edmonton

"It never fails to amaze me how beautiful this area is when out on the Tuan. I love being on this tour. It is always exciting,,, beautiful and I go home refreshed. Today was a blessing. The rain and clouds lifted and we got to see endless blue sky. Humpbacks, orcas, dalls porpoises, seals, seabirds and eagles were plentiful. Thank you for the yummy muffins, great coffee, scones and hot chocolate too. It is hard to go home I want to stay on board with you." Robin, Alert Bay

"Great trip, thank you. David & Heather~ Ladysmith, BC

"Great experience, beautiful nature, great animals those whales. I could do this tour all day long! See you in Vienna someday. Thanks to the great team." Nikolaus, Austria

"Great Trip. Enjoyed it immensely" Ian

Had an awesome time. Highlight of my vacation