Biggs Transient Orcas & trap and lunge feeding humpback whales with unforgettable viewing!

IMG_7133 IMG_7134 IMG_7195 IMG_7194 When you think that the viewing cannot get any better it does, yet in a different manner from our last two tours! After a brief viewing of a small group of dall's porpoise who rode briefly at our bow, today we were fortunate very early on in our tour in spending time with a group of Biggs Transient Orcas who we were able to find in the fog in Weynton Passage, thanks to other boats and people who passed on their sightings of the orcas. As we watched, four orcas appeared out of the fog off the NW corner of Stubbs Island where we observed them working their way through kelp forests before turning towards the Stephenson Islands and it was incredible to watch their stealth and speed. Beginning to navigate at one end of an Island of the Stephenson Island chain, where seals were hauled out and watching, suddenly they were at the other end, surfacing in close to the rocks amongst the kelp forests. We watched intrigued as numerous harbour seals did not move and remained very still upon the rocks. It was incredible and intense viewing. The four Biggs Transient Orcas were identified by Jared Towers of DFO as: T090's and T124A1

A humpback whale had been sighted in Weynton Passage and we headed in that direction, the fog was beginning to lift and Weynton Passage opened up considerably. In total there were three humpback whales that we could see in Weynton Passage and that was just the beginning! From then on we were mezmerized by their feeding frenzy, especially that of Guardian who, as soon as a herring ball began appearing, and the gathering of rhinoceros auklets, common murres, bald eagles and gull species increased, there she was lunging through the middle of the feeding birds and herring that we could at times see, jumping on the surface of the water and shimmering. The viewing was amazing and intense and we were all entranced by the immense beauty of our entire surroundings. There were birds everywhere we looked and the three humpback whales were surfacing and diving in all directions. We were about to leave the area and had moved further away, only to come upon more herring ball activity with humpback whales feeding including Guardian. Suddenly Guardian came along side and was lunge feeding initially but also began trap feeding close by, the viewing was exceptional and one could not help but feel her mometeum and extraordinary need to feed, her energy in motion was phenomenal! Around and around the boat she went, feeding, and the herring, they were hiding alongside the hull, attempting to deceive the giant who was actively feeding on them. What a day, it was so amazing, words cannot describe in full what we were all so fortunate in witnessing.

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Today's penned comments: "Amazing trip, we saw whales so close! Very nice crew. Rain, english tea, scones, orcas, humpback whales, amazing crew...what a blast!"  Narine and Grilbunre, Montreal

"Wonderful whale viewing - orcas and humpbacks so close. Wonderful crew and hospitality. This is the Serengetti of the Oceans! Awe inspiring and a thrill to be here. Thank you! Spectacular"!

"Amazing, wonderful. I would come again and again and again!"Ann, Coal Harbour, BC

"There's whale watching, and there's WHALE WATCHING! Incredible adventure! Orca eating seals, humpbacks so close ~ hovering with mouths open for a trap feed....educational, entertaining, absolutely spectacular! Thank you!" Jeanne, Coal Harbour, BC

" It was not so good weather but fantastic views of orcas and humpback whales, seals and eagles. Thank you!" Rienhorst and Ute, Germany