Precious moments of viewing Orcas, the C10's and Humpback Whales~ Priceless!

IMG_7828 IMG_7829 IMG_7843 IMG_7798 IMG_7813 IMG_7819 IMG_7787 IMG_7792 IMG_7789 IMG_7777 IMG_7778 IMG_7782 IMG_7771 IMG_7785 IMG_7769 IMG_7768 IMG_7775 IMG_7749 IMG_7734 IMG_7743 IMG_7746What a fabulous day we shared! Beginning with fog lying low upon the water that lifted as we passed on through revealing a beautiful wonderland and clear blue waters, all the while the sun beamed down upon us, warming us as we travelled. It was good news hearing that orcas were travelling in the fog along the Vancouver Island shoreline, they were heading west towards us and we encountered them near Kaikash Beach. As they went by, we observed them foraging, they were the C10's, the same Resident group that we enjoyed seeing yesterday and with our hydrophone deployed, we listened to their beautiful A-Clan vocalizations. It was down at Blackney Passage that we had some wonderful viewing of two humpback whales feeding in the flooding current. Large whirlpools were swirling around us, as were large numbers of rhinoceros auklets, common murres and red-necked phalaropes and gulls. It was amazing to sit and watch as the flooding current flowed at its relentless pace into Johnstone Strait.

Making our way home along the Hanson Island side of Johnstone Strait we were surprised to see that the C10's had turned back and were crossing the Strait and making their way in our direction. C10 was in the lead on her own, and then we experienced a surprise viewing when three orcas suddenly turned towards us and then swam alongside. It was superb viewing and made us all gasp in awe and wonder as their sleek black and white bodies slipped by us effortlessly, just under the surface of the water!

In Weynton Passage, we passed by two more humpback whales who were feeding intensely in the current along with 'clouds and flocks' of birds! The entire tour was a beautifully orchestrated one, with many blessings! Also seen: harbour seals, dall's porpoise, black oystercatchers, black turnstones and bald eagles.

  • Please note, the photo's were taken with telephoto lens and cropped for better viewing purposes on the blog.

Today's penned comments: "Thank you for a wonderful experience! This trip has exceeded our expectations. We hope to be back!" Elsie & Harvey, Winnepeg, Manitoba

"Thank you for an amazing tour!" Jeremy & Cheyenne, Maple Ridge, BC

"Unforgettable views/sights with amazing hosts. Thank you for a wonderful adventure. " Martin & Deb, Ontario