Viewing of orcas ~ I15's near the Robson Bight (Michael Bigg) Ecological Reserve

IMG_8072 IMG_8074IMG_7998 IMG_7996 IMG_7995 IMG_8026 IMG_8004 IMG_8029 It was a beautiful day that began with a gorgeous clear view down Johnstone Strait but as we neared Weynton Passage, fog started swirling around us, and obscured us at one point completely. Before the fog and after we had beautiful viewings of hauled out harbour seals, and stellar sea lions who were swimming close along the shoreline, while numerous red-necked phalaropes, rhinoceros auklets and common murres and dall's porpoise were in the near vicinity. Passing several humpback whales in Blackfish Sound and more sea lions, we carried on and just east of Cracroft Point we encountered orcas ahead of us. The I15's were spread out, travelling slowly to the east, some we could see were further ahead and looked to be foraging in the Robson Bight (Michael Bigg) Ecological Reserve in the vicinity of the estuary of the Tsitika River; the lighting today was beautiful and their blows looked very high,  seen at a distance away. The matriline group we observed were in a lovely resting line, moving east in the flooding current without any speed and it was beautiful to watch their synchronized surfacing and diving sequences in the soft lighting that appeared! Todays penned comments: "What a lovely morning! Beautiful sailing following orcas, watching seals and humpback whales that we could count. It is a very long way from Dubai but totally worth it! " Amalia & Miguel  They mentioned that the temperature today in Dubai was 44 c and a few days ago 47c, air conditioning absolutely is necessary!

"We are having a grand time. This is the way to see "Charismatic Megafauna." Thanks!" Judi & Bill, Crofton, BC

"We thoroughly enjoyed our morning on the water. Numbers of Phalaropes very impressive, also Rhinoceros Auklets. Great scones! "Tony & Anne-Marie, Ottawa, ON

"Like the first trip with you last year, it was a wonderful experience. Our first Orcas and so much knowledge you shared with us. I will keep on telling everyone how great you are."                             Elisabeth &  Darall, Austria and Ontario

" A great experience for the whole family. Seeing the orcas was unforgettable and made all the more interesting by hearing about their lives." Family Lee, UK