Awesome sailing with whales!

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IMG_0536 IMG_0628 IMG_0626 IMG_0625 IMG_0621 IMG_0612 IMG_0603 IMG_0592 IMG_0589 IMG_0572 IMG_0535What a fabulous day it turned out to be after the gloomy weather that we began our tour with this morning! We headed across the top of Blackfish Sound in search of the I15 Orcas that had been reported travelling out of Blackfish Sound earlier and on our way we spotted numerous humpback whale blows in the distance. The I15s were very dispersed as they foraged in the waves as a NW wind was blowing but soon, we were able to get a closer view of some of the matrilines. With our hydrophone in the water, we listened to their G-Clan calls and echolocation, allowing us to experience something special as we do not always get to hear the orca's vocalizing! Pacific white-sided dolphins joined the orcas and were leaping around them while Slash, the humpback whale was spotted in the area making her way towards Blackfish Sound and as the orcas continued on their way north, we sailed toward the Plumper Islands. Along the way, a large group of Steller Sea Lions were seen hauled out and basking on the rocks and we briefly encountered a humpback whale as it made its way towards Johnstone Strait. Enjoying our scones and tea as the sun broke through the clouds, Domino the humpback whale appeared suddenly and while feeding in the current its tail lobbed, it was a fabulous way to end our tour!

Also seen: Dall's porpoises, common murres, rhinoceros auklets, Bald eagles, harbour seals and gull species.

Todays penned comments: "Thanks so much for the wonderful trip and effort made to see it all and we did! All the best, Bas & Margriet. Netherlands

Thank you for a trip we will remember forever. We travelled here with the hope of seeing orcas and we are thrilled with our day, it exceeded our expectations! Very personal and the scones were delicious." Melinda-Rae, Colin, Mya & TY, Calgary

"A lovely adventure on beautiful waterways under magical skies to touch the amazing wonders of whales, eagles, sea lions and more with sunshine on our shoulders and in our eyes and makinh the waters sparkle. It made me want to sing....thanks for these magical hours." Nina & Doug, Sechelt and California

"A very good trip. We saw many cetaceans, sea lions, seals and eagles. The guides were very passionate and gave much information. We just felt their love for nature and the animals. They really respected the animals and never got too close to them. We will recommend this to all our friends who think about visiting Canada. Thank you!"                                   Ormelier, Pieter & Wiilim, Netherlands

'"Awesome sailing with whales! Muffins and scones were excellent. Thank you so much!" Fede & Miriam, Spain