What a way to spend a day ~ with fabulous viewing of Orcas and Humpback Whales!

What a way to spend our day, seeing orcas for most of the tour, as pod after pod travelled through Blackfish Sound heading to the west. We were so lucky with our timing when we encountered the leading group of orcas, the A30 matriline travelling in a close group along the Swanson shoreline and as we came closer we watched as they slowly made their way. The two sisters (A50 & A54) and their off-spring were resting while their brother A38 continued to swim parallel to them while he foraged. It was beautiful and breathtaking viewing, observing as they passed by us, their synchronized surfacing and diving sequences were mesmerizing to watch. We were well aware of humpback whales passing through Blackfish Sound as well, one passed us travelling east and close by the orcas heading west. At one point the A30's turned back to the east and foraged briefly near Bold Head while A38 foraged nearby as well, we deployed our hydrophone and were able to listen to their beautiful A-Clan calls. Another group of orcas were sighted travelling the same route as the A30's had ahead of them but turning, they moved more to the centre of the Sound, they were the A23's and A25's (A5's) and were joined briefly by a group of pacific white-sided dolphins who came charging in from the west.  The A5's were followed by yet another large group, the I15's (G-Clan)! After they went by in the centre of Blackfish Sound we made our way over to Bold Head to observe two humpback whales who we had seen feeding on herring/bait balls along with the diving birds, rhinoceros auklets and common murres, while gull species hovered overhead and fed on the herring at the surface just ahead of the whales surfacing and lunge feeding through them! It was marvellous to sit back and watch the feeding frenzy and listen while the diving birds sat resting between feeding, the murres unmistakable calling and the whales explosive exhalations filled the air! Turning for home, it was a wonderful surprise to see yet another large gathering of orcas passing us so quietly, all of them were grouped together, three large males were among the count, A46, A55 & A66.  It was wonderful seeing the A34's /A46 swimming together with the A42's, such a nice viewing and one that memories are made of! Also seen today: dall's porpoises, stellar sea lions, harbour seals, black oystercatchers, black turnstones, bald eagles, red-necked phalaropes and gull species.

Today's penned comments: A dream come true! We saw a lot of orcas, humpback whales and many other animals. Thank you for the great experience! " Family Schwarz, Austria

"Wow! Amazing tour! We saw many pods of orcas, had many sightings of humpbacks, dall's porpoise, stellar sea lions. Very knowledgeable guide who made us fresh scones and tea. I would love to do this again! Thank you so much."         Ruth & Rich, WA

"Thank you for this amazing tour. Wonderful and you were very good guides. We loved it and will never forget this tour. Greetings". Ad & Pieta, Netherlands

"Never expected what we saw today. Thank you very much!" Marc & Nynke, NetherlandsIMG_3161 IMG_3404 IMG_3410 IMG_3416 IMG_3358 IMG_3376 IMG_3310 IMG_3347 IMG_3306 IMG_3266 IMG_3201


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A72 & her calf

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