A spectacular day with so much to see, not only orcas and humpback whales but so much more!

IMG_4002 IMG_3989 IMG_3992 IMG_3970 IMG_3976 IMG_3897 IMG_3975 IMG_3902 IMG_3944 IMG_3881 IMG_3888 IMG_3793 IMG_3813 IMG_3756 IMG_3789 IMG_3733 IMG_3762 IMG_3690 IMG_3705 IMG_3685 IMG_3686 IMG_3653 IMG_3651 IMG_3640 IMG_3643 Today was a magnificent day to be out on the water, beginning the moment we left the dock in Alert Bay with gorgeous lighting spreading all across Broughton Strait and then in Alder Bay, we had a beautiful interlude and moments when a small flock of some 14 swallows circling around the dock and shoreline, landed on our mast spreaders. It was so special to witness and even while we slowly crept out of Alder Bay, three swallows lingered still on top and finally flew off to join the rest of their flock!

Orcas were reported travelling west near the Sophia Islands, some travelled out through Blackney Passage into Blackfish Sound on the ebbing current while others travelled further west along the Hanson Island shoreline. We made our way towards Weynton Passage, viewing a humpback whale en route and once into Blackfish Sound we could easily make out several humpback whale blows in the light that was so radiant, we also saw orcas, their blows and their fins, as they made their way, closer to Swanson Island, in Blackfish Sound. They were the A34's and A46 ! The sea and sky above us was a brilliant blue while ahead, dense fog loomed and it was into the fog that they eventually went and we lost sight of them.

And still more orcas were seen, as the orcas who travelled west in Johnstone Strait began travelling to the west via Weynton Passage and so suddenly, out of the fog in Weynton Passage came a G-Clan group, moving rapidly on the fast ebbing current and in the fog, it was very difficult making identification possible! It was fabulous seeing them moving with enormous momentum, on the current that flowed past Stubbs Island, as whirlpools and eddies swirled around us! We were in a brilliant ring of sunshine yet fog was in our surroundings on the edges. How fabulous was our day and viewing of so much wildlife and spectacular scenery! Also seen: dall's porpoise, harbour seals, stellar sea lions, rhinoceros auklets, common murres, red-necked phalaropes, pelagic cormorants, bald eagles, belted kingfishers, great blue herons and gull species!

Today's penned comments: "This was wonderful ~ such enthusiasm, beautiful scenery and of course wildlife!! Thank you for the treats also! We will be back!" Don and Doreen, Parksville

"Thank you Dave and Maureen for the sail with the whales. Spectacular trip and the sunny day was a bonus."             Donna and Ken, Stony Plain, AB (Donna and Ken have made several trips out with us over the years, beginning back in 1992, some year in between, last year and today!)

"It was a wonderful birthday gift for my husband and an amazing contact with nature for all the family. Thanks for this tour." Caroline, Matt and Lionel, Montreal

"Thank you for a wonderful day on your boat. It was a great experience for the whole family."     Renate, Christian, Philipp & Tobi, Germany