Warm wishes to you all ~ May good health, peace, beauty and happiness be yours throughout 2016 ~

Early Day's aboard SV Tuan To all of you who have spent time onboard the SV Tuan in recent years or many years ago, we thank you  for joining us and hope that you enjoy these photo's that were taken on one of our early tours, a long while ago!

Take good care of one another, your family and friends and may love light your way throughout 2016.

Love and gratitude for our planet earth ~ our oceans, rivers, lakes, forests, mountains and plains and every part of earth in between.

Love and respect for all who live upon and share our planet earth ~ from the tiny diatoms in the oceans to the giants who roam our lands and oceans and every species on earth in between.

Love and appreciation for the elements who make our living here on earth possible ~ air, fire, earth and water for without these elements in our world, none of us could survive.

Early days aboard SV Tuan.