Our New Chapter ~ Seasmoke Stays in the Bay!

The time has come the walrus said.........and so it has, time for us to wind down and allow for change as we enter into our fourth decade of Whale Watching from Alert Bay, BC. In the mid 1980s, there was little awareness and initiative for tourists to take a tour out to watch whales and dolphins. Our only means of advertising our tours at that time was in magazine advertisements. The Internet with web-sites and personal computers had not yet been dreamed about or envisioned by travelers back in the 80s!

For those who have toured with us over the many years, some of you will remember those early days on the water and the food we served on board. As time went on, we began operating tours twice daily and always, on every tour we served Devonshire Tea on the way home. We ask ourselves, how did we do it all? Our answer ~ We were younger then!

Now in the summer of 2016 we are making a move towards change beginning with Dave and S.V. Tuan retiring. They are taking their first summer off from whale watching in 30 years with some relaxing time in the company of family and friends.

It is an adjustment to make and a necessary one if we are to continue offering a quality whale watching tour out of Alert Bay and Alder Bay. Our reason for continuing is a simple one, a passion for the area in which we live in and call home. Our surrounding waterways are protected and beautiful and are blessed with an abundant mix of sea birds, cetaceans and other marine mammals. It brings to mind a sense of magic, wonder and well being in a tiny corner of the world near Alert Bay, B.C.

Our season of 2016 has begun and we are happy to announce that Seasmoke Whale Watching stays in the Bay!