When big and small species surprise and delight us!



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The overcast morning was made bright for all of us by the ever changing wildlife and scenic beauty that we encountered at every turn. As we moved slowly through narrow island waterways we stopped frequently to observe numerous bald eagles sitting high up in tall evergreen trees. Some of the eagles had their wings spread wide and drying and all of it was fascinating to watch, moment by moment. Harbour seals, mothers and their pups were hauled out on the rocks while others languished in shallow waters. They were all watching us just as intently as we watched them and it was superb viewing!

A humpback whale was seen off in the distance and as we got closer but still a distance away, it was easy to identify Guardian by her uniquely shaped dorsal fin and the white underside of her fluke. She was moving about, diving for some seven minute intervals in an area that she is often seen feeding in. Another humpback whale caught our attention when we noticed it breaching a distance away. It is always a treat to see a breaching whale, a humpback whale in particular for even at a distance the splash created can be immense!

Also seen today: dall's porpoises, marbled murrelets, rhinoceros auklets, harlequin ducks, black turnstones, red-necked phalaropes and a stellar sea lion.

It is not only the large species that we encounter that can take our breath away, so too did a tiny humming bird that flew so quickly over our heads today that it was out of sight before some of our passengers had time to turn and watch it!