An amazing day it turned out to be ~ Orcas, Humpback Whales, Dolphins and Porpoises!

A7D_8028-1 A7D_7952 A7D_7991 A7D_8039 A7D_8116 Today's Sightings: Humpback Whales, Biggs (Transient) Orcas, Dall's Porpoises, Harbour Seals, Harbour Porpoises, Steller Sea Lions, Rhinoceros and Cassin's Auklets, Red-Necked Phalaropes, Common Murres, Bald Eagles, Belted Kingfishers, a Great Blue Heron and Gull species.

It was a stunningly beautiful fall day to be out on the water. On our morning tour there was so much Cetacean activity in our surroundings! We saw six Humpback Whales, four of them were feeding together near Donegal Head. A large number 200+ Pacific White-sided Dolphins were in amongst them feeding intensely and it was an incredible experience for our passengers to see all of the action that they did, it was phenomenal!

Our afternoon tour was just as exciting as there was a report of Biggs (Transient) Orcas near Boat Bay travelling west. We encountered the Orcas at the Sophia Islets and enjoyed viewing them as they made their way in Johnstone Strait and out through Weynton Passage. We observed as they made their way directly to the Steller Sea Lions hauled out but they did not attack any and carried on into Blackfish Sound. We also watched two Humpback Whales, one of which was Squiggles.

What an amazing day it turned out to be!

Photo Credits: Muriel Halle. All photo's have been cropped and taken with a telephoto lens.

Biggs (Transient) Orca photo's credited to Andrew Jennings.

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