Canada Day ~ with brilliant viewing of Humpback whales, dolphins and porpoises!

Our sightings today: 4+ Humpback whales, 75-100+ Pacific White-sided dolphins, Dall's porpoises++, 50 + Harbour seals, 2 Black-tailed deer, Rhinoceros Auklets, Cassin's Auklets, Bald Eagles+, Red-necked Phalaropes++, Black Oyster Catchers, Belted Kingfishers and a Great Blue Heron. Viewing Cetaceans big and small today was not difficult as Humpback whales, Pacific White-sided dolphins and Dall's Porpoises seemed to be in every direction that we looked! It was an exciting tour with fabulous viewing of four Humpback whales including Domino while the blows of several other Humpback whales could be seen in the distance. Our encounter with some 75-100++ dolphins was incredible, they too were feeding in the flooding current and some could be seen leaping clear out of the water which left our guests speechless and very happy! The Dall's porpoises were as delightful as ever and joined us once more riding at the bow of our boat 'M.V. Seasmoke' as we headed for home. Our meandering through some precious narrow waterways showcased a beautiful snapshot of the BC coastline and reminded everyone that all of nature is connected! Arriving back in Alert Bay we glimpsed a small portion of the Canada Day Celebration that was underway in the downtown core of the village, there were three Royal Canadian Mounted Police in their Red Serge uniform, one of whom saluted our boat as we went by.  What a day and what a celebration in every way for all of our guests onboard!