Orcas, Humpback whales, Dolphins and Porpoises feeding in the swirling current!


August 22nd

Our sightings: Orca, Humpback whales, Pacific White-sided dolphins, Dall's porpoises, Harbour seals, Bald Eagles, Common Murres, Rhinoceros and Cassins Auklets, Kingfishers, Black Oystercatchers, Black Turnstones, Red-necked Phalaropes and Gull species.

It felt like an afternoon matinee out on the water today. The first half was spent enjoying a ballet performance as dolphins, Orca (A30's) and porpoises danced amongst each other in the strong flood tide that ran quickly through the narrow entrance of Blackney Passage, Humpback whales were also in the mix!  All species were working the tide, hunting for fish that also utilized the tide for its own purpose.

The second half was spent out in the wide open top end of Blackfish Sound as Humpback whales put on an acrobatic display. Multiple flukes could be seen from all directions and one whale tail slapped numerous times then completed its performance by doing a full blown breach. Another whale brought its wide open jaw up to the surface and began to trap feed. Before the curtain closed the final act was a lunge, as a Humpback forcefully launched its upper body in a forward motion to snap at a school of fish darting near the ocean's surface.

This recital all took place under an overcast sky, among the threads of Seasmoke that wisped through the lower sky like Northern Lights. A show is not complete until an encore is delivered and it was the sun that took the final bow. As we journeyed home amongst the islands the sun appeared from behind the many clouds and offered us stunning light that saturated the beautiful stage of mountains, islands, forest and sea.

Photo's taken by Dave Jones have been cropped and taken with a telephoto lens.