Beautiful Humpback whales and more!

IMG_0388IMG_9553IMG_0403IMG_5272IMG_8147 September 17th

Our Sightings:

Humpback whales, a Minke Whale, Dall's Porpoise, Stellar sea lions, Harbour seals, Black-tailed deer, Bald Eagles, Red-necked Phalaropes, Rhinoceros Auklets, Gull species, Belted Kingfishers, Great Blue Heron, Cormorants and Common Murres.

We had four seasons in one day as we observed dramatic changes in weather from overcast conditions, pouring rain then brilliant sunshine with blue skies. The seas were glassy calm allowing us to see as far as our eyes could stretch out towards a horizon completely speckled with whale blows.

Today was the tour of the feasting Humpbacks as we witnessed the various feeding behaviours performed by our residents.  Everywhere we journeyed on our tour this afternoon we were in the presence of these wonderful creatures. It truly touches us, as we enter into their world by the means of an ocean going vessel, looking into their beautifully balanced eco-system that appears to sustain such a generous population.

As the signs of winter are steadily moving in, we can only imagine that the animals of this region are focused entirely on putting meat on their bones and for some, building winter stores. Thankfully the winters here at sea level, on Vancouver Island are fairly mild and even some food in the forest is available all winter long. Today as we cruised the smaller islands a Black-tailed deer eagerly nourished itself as it grazed at low tide and a brief encounter with a Minke whale and Dall's porpoises gave an impression that all the different animals that call this place home live together in harmony.

We wonder if these animals looked into our world, the human race, if we to give off the same impression. Time spent in nature does create contemplation.

Seasmoke Whale Watching photo's have been taken with a telephoto lens and have been cropped.