Foraging Humpback Whales~

June 10th The sun welcomed us out on the water today, as did the calm sea conditions.  We departed with our sights set on exploring the small islands and picturesque passages, leading us to the foraging grounds of the Humpback Whales.

With literally no wind, we were able to search the horizon for whale blows, and it did not take long for us to suddenly see the three-meter whale breath lingering in the still air as a Humpback surfaced just ahead of us.

A mum and calf passed our motionless vessel, giving our guests the opportunity to hear the powerful breath and witness the large marine mammals surfacing as it travelled and foraged.

Dall’s porpoise, Stellar Sea lions, Harbour Seal and numerous eagles were the feature sightings of the day.  The clear visibility in the ocean enabled us to see Bull kelp stipes leading all the way to the ocean floor which mesmerised our guests.

We are happy to be back on the water and look forward to the many tours to come.