June 8th, 2018 ​ A beautiful first tour of the season!

Seasmoke Whale Watching was out on the water for the first tour of the season.

How wonderful it was to be on the glassy calm water, under a canopy of low cloud, gentle drizzle and the silence of the sea.

It was a tour consisting of numerous marine mammal sightings which included 5 Humpback whales, 200+ Pacific White-sided Dolphins, Stellar Sea Lions, Dall’s Porpoise and Harbour Seals. Not to mention the numerous Bald Eagles we witnessed, poised on the top of cedar trees, their damp wings outstretched wide to dry. All our guests were able to observe a two-week-old Eaglet that popped its head up from a large nest situated in a western red cedar tree.

We are happy to be back on the water, ready for a season filled with awe-inspiring encounters with the wildlife of the region and guests from all over the world eager to witness the beauty of our backyard.