Awe-inspiring sightings!

June 26th

Today's tour was full of surprises. Only minutes after leaving Alder Bay we had a lovely encounter with Dall's porpoises. As they surfaced, their backs glistened in the morning sunlight. Bald Eagles were abundant and stole the spotlight as they indulged in a feeding frenzy which went on for a long while. It was mesmerizing to watch them glide across the ocean surface and skimming the sea with their talons while catching herring so effortlessly.

The one Humpback we observed was awe-inspiring. It fed so close to the shore, opening its giant mouth to scoop up an ocean full of goodness. How relieved we were to see it feeding as we recognise how hard and long they search for food. While observing the Eaglet in its nest and an adult Bald Eagle perched on the side, a huge male Stellar Sea lion scrambled on a nearby rock. Nearby was a group of five others that had the shape and size of females.
It was a packed tour with numerous sightings that delighted our visitors from all over the world.