A plethora of wildlife describes our tour today!



July 9th

A Plethora of wildlife described our tour today as we observed many species of Cetaceans. Only minutes after picking up our passengers in Alder Bay we encountered Orca. A resident pod identified as the A30's were seen travelling mid-Johnstone Strait in a westerly direction. We observed as this family moved together in their family groups.  As they ventured towards the Pearse Islands, a group of islands neighbouring Alert Bay, they about turned and cruised tightly along the shore, heading in an Easterly direction. It was magnificent seeing them in and amongst these waterways, knowing that this has been their traditional summer feeding grounds for many years and we had such an awesome opportunity observing them in all their beauty.

Throughout the tour, there were sightings of Pacific White-sided Dolphins, Dall's porpoises and numerous Harbour Seals with their pups. A Bald Eagle was seen discreetly feeding on a salmon up in a cedar tree, and the Eaglet we have been observing on most of our tours was visible as it sat on the edge of its nest. Two Humpback whales were sighted off the Eastern tip of Malcolm Island, one we identified as Guardian. Their deep dives revealed their incredibly strong and agile flukes.
It was a tour full of wonders which our guests truly appreciated.