Fall is in the Air

Fall is in the air as a brisk south easterly wind stirred up the ocean and a heavy ceiling of dark grey clouds lingered all day. The wind had not yet reached to the predicted gale force strength so we were able to squeeze in two wonderful tours before the wind really plays havoc on the sea.Whether rain or shine the animals come out to play and we were blessed with numerous sightings of magnificent creatures.

Orcas were seen on both tours and against the grey sea and sky, their black and white bodies looked stunning as they surfaced and traveled in their family groups. One young Orca swam beside a Pacific White sided dolphin as though they were the best of friends. The dolphins do have a way of pestering the Orca, but these two looked compatible.

The Humpbacks looked like giants as they surfaced like submarines, plowing their way in search of balls of schooling fish. A breach was witnessed as well as a dramatic lunge as one individual raised lunged its head, jaw and mouth up and out of the ocean, wide open in order to taken in a large scoop of goodness provided by the sea.

A rather slim and juvenile black bear was seen turning rocks at low tide, his body camouflaged against the dim-lit forest and shoreline. The Sea lions looked as though they were the rulers of this land since they occupied so many rocks and islets.

It was an unexpected success to be out touring this region with keen and happy guests and only a small amount of rain. Tomorrow will bring a completely different day.

Hayley ShephardComment