Calm and quiet Saturday

We experienced a calm and tranquil time on the water today. It seemed the local wildlife were as relaxed as the weekenders having their two days off work. The Harbour seals made the most of the low tide and lay on the rocks having spent previous hours foraging for food. Bald Eagles, both juvenile and mature, stood watch as they poised on the limbs of cedar trees keeping a sharp eye out for any disturbances in the water.

The Humpbacks we encountered were working hard looking for food, foraging in large circles, diving deep every fourth or fifth shallow dive. One fluke had obvious markings, making it easy to tell the individuals apart.

We saw our first black tailed deer of the season, always a surprise to see them in what seems a rather rugged environment. They handle the intertidal rocky surface graciously with their long slender legs, eager to lick the salt on the rocks and chew on the greenery.

Today the colour of the sea immersed with the similar grey tone of the sky as rain clouds hung tightly to the forest-green hillsides threatening rain which never came.

Back in The Bay (Alert Bay) the streets are getting busier as more visitors come to enjoy our friendly town and take in the rich culture that surrounds us.

Hayley ShephardComment