Wildlife in the Rain

We thought we had seen the last of the rain this afternoon as we set off for our tour under a bright but overcast sky. Thankfully rain does not scare the wildlife away, infact today it rained wildlife.

A group of Biggs (Transient) Orca had been in the area for the last couple of days and we were grateful to hear chatter on the radio which indicated they were still in our local waters. Searching for a relatively small group of whales in a fairly large body of water is not as easy as it may sound. Thankfully a community effort utilizing other boats on the water helped us locate them on the border between Blackfish Sound and Queen Charlotte Strait. They traveled towards the west taking four to five minute dives, perhaps hunting in their stealth-like manner. They certainly had a smorgasbord of food to select from as Harbour Seals were bountiful along the rocky outcrops on islands and islets.  One large male was easy to spot due to his six foot dorsal fin. This handsome group was identified as the T46 C’s.

Humpbacks were also encountered this afternoon, infact one we watched breach from a good distance away. They too foraged, giving us a lovely view of their picturesque tail as they gathered momentum, arched their body then descended on a deeper dive.

The Bald eagles nest was occupied by both parents, one whom was very vocal. By this time of year the eggs would be well and truly hatched and I wouldn’t be surprised if we start to hear vocalizations from the chirping chicks as they demand food.

By the time our tour came to an end the rain was coming down heavy. Thankfully the boat canopy kept the rain off our backs and our floatsuits kept us warm and dry. Our guests arrived back to our Seasmoke office wearing smiles on their faces and had stories to tell.

Hayley ShephardComment