Whales, Whales, Beautiful Whales

The last of the rain fell throughout the night and by the time our tour began the rain and wind had completely dropped away, as well as the fog which had formed overnight. It was a perfect day to go boating.

We departed Alder Bay having picked up our last passengers and ventured towards the Stephenson’s to show our guests the abundance of wildlife that gather on these islets. Some folks have never been on the ocean therefore Harbour Seals and Bull kelp was a perfect introduction.

While we admired the graceful seals that swam amongst the kelp and lounged on the rocks, a report of Orcas came through on the radio. At first it seemed as though they were out of our reach as they traveled west on the backside of Malcolm Island. A sudden turn in their direction was favourable news and so we journeyed to find them.

It was remarkable to witness a group of at least 15 Orca easting in a perfectly formed resting line. Side by side they slowly traveled as though in slow motion, their breath relaxed and synchronized and their bodies lingering slightly on the surface.  We were with Northern residents and what a treat it was to be amongst these beautiful creatures.

Throughout the afternoon the whales continued traveling East which gave our afternoon guests a chance to encounter our resident Orca. We had a surprising visit from a rather pale Stellar sea lion which fed amongst a bait ball, and a very unexpected encounter with a Sea otter. It swam by us, half on its back and slightly on its side but unmistakable with the cute little beady eyes and furry face. Humpbacks foraged opposite Orca lab and we caught a glimpse of one of the Bald Eagle parents at one of the active nests we like to monitor.

 It was a tremendously generous day where wildlife continuously blessed us with their presence. How grateful we are to be a small speck in this magnificent circle of life.

Hayley ShephardComment