Exploring + Experiencing = Exciting!

Many people from all over the world dream of experiencing the west coast of British Columbia for themselves - the whales, the eagles, the waters, the mountains and yes, even the weather with its multiple personalities. This morning we awoke to a blanket of fog settled over the surface of the water, not high enough to obscure the tops of the mountains behind it, but dense like pea soup, as we locals say, once we got out in it.

The fog added to the sense of adventure we had as we went looking for wildlife. At Egeria Shoal, between Donegal Head and Bold Head, our search was rewarded when we spotted two humpbacks lunge feeding in the fog. We were also excited to see a humpback trap feeding, which is a form of feeding we’ve observed locally where the whale opens its mouth and stays still, waiting for the fish to swim right in!

Excitement was in the air when we could hear blows in the fog before we could even see what it was that was breathing. “Whales by braille!” as our captain put it. We were grateful to be able to finally see orcas hanging out at Bold Head, some of which were from the A30, I4, and A72 pods.

Birds were in abundance as well - hundreds of red-necked phalaropes and many common murres, pigeon guillemots and rhinoceros auklets, as well as our most famous raptor the bald eagle, both adults and juveniles.

Our morning tour got a treat when three Dall’s porpoises decided to come play and wake ride with us! Smiles on everyone’s faces and happy comments in our guest book assured us that once again, British Columbia’s wild west coast didn’t disappoint!

Hayley ShephardComment