An Awe-inspiring Day Filled with Wonders

It was a jam-packed day with numerous sightings of many creatures, some great, others small.

The fog greeted us this morning as we set out with our Polar Quest group visiting from Sweden. Our hope was to observe Killer whales in the wild and our wish was granted. Our loyally local pods that have kept us company throughout the summer spent the day in local waters. Some traveled along the Vancouver Island shoreline, others mid Johnstone Strait and some took a different route along the Hanson Island shore. A few playful tail slaps and breaches were enjoyed by our guests, and an occasional spyhop sent all the camera’s clicking.

The visual effect of thick fog, drenching the coastal trees and following the same contours as its land obstacles created stunning scenes that made us catch our breath.

Throughout the day Dall’s porpoise and Pacific White-sided dolphins taunted the Orca as they elegantly and gregariously danced around them.

Surf scoters and Cormorants joined the numerous different bird species we sighted today, including over 1000 Common Murre’s. In the later afternoon a lone black bear was seen on one of the smaller islands near Telegraph Cove and the afternoon was complete having stopped in to be entertained and enthralled by the Stellar sea lion Shenanigans.

It was an awe-inspiring day filled with natures wonders and delight

Hayley ShephardComment