Ebb and Flo like Rock and Roll

The wind and rain did not stop us from adventuring out on the water today since the gale force wind was dropped to a strong wind warning. Thankfully there were plenty of channels and bays protected from the south easterly wind so we did not have to contend with waves and ocean spray for too long. Working in our favour, the rain kept at bay and only affected us on our final stretch home, so once again we were looked after by the natural ebbs and flows of the local weather.

Resident Orca were still out of our range so all the whale watching boats had the joy of watching Humpbacks today. These massive mammals foraged and fed, mostly lunge feeding whilst surrounded by the usual birds which also made the most of the many bait balls formed.

The animals seemed oblivious to the change in weather as they went about their day as usual. Harbour seals with their good layer of blubber lay like a banana perched on the low quadrants of the rocks. During the morning we spent time observing the Stellar sea lions and paid attention to the behaviour amongst these numerous individuals. An occasional fight was witnessed and it was difficult to tell how serious they are. Still, we would not want to be in close proximity to this kerfuffle.

Time was spent making the most of the calm and tranquil waters between the islets and islands, watching wildlife on shore. One particular eagle observed us cautiously while it perched on a limb of a cedar tree. At one stage we were joined by a group of Dall’s porpoise who borrowed our stern wake to hitch a ride. How graceful these fast marine mammals are, as they utilize and seem to enjoy these man-made waves.

We were once again spoiled by a breaching Humpback and what a splash this large animal left behind once it landed on the surface of the sea.

Although we arrived back wet from the elements, we felt exhilarated by the lively weather and appreciated observing this rich and complex environment.

Hayley ShephardComment