A Whimsical Day

The morning fog drifted in and out of the passage between Cormorant Island and Vancouver Island. At times we could see the mountains and trees, faint but visible, then seconds later they disappeared behind the veil of mist and cloud. The sun and its warmth were secretively present high in the sky above the layer of ocean mist, and only time will allow the heat of the sun to burn this mystery blanket away.

By the time we departed for our afternoon tour blue sky was above us and a shimmering blue sea below. The fog seemed like a past dream as we soaked in the warmth of the sun’s rays as we ventured towards Johnstone Strait in search of whales and wonderment.

It was an action packed day with Orca, Humpback and a feasting sea lion. We witnessed a Stellar sea lion who successfully captured a salmon and held it tightly in its strong, bear-like jaw then went about tenderizing it by slapping it hard on the ocean surface.

Biggs Killer whales were in the area traveling from East to West and they were seen by the locals of Alert Bay. It was a day where you did not need to be on the boat to observe whales. Their dorsal fins could be seen with the naked eye as the word got out and about the busy town. How blessed are we when Alert Bay’s claim to fame “Home of the Killer Whale” is displayed so beautifully.

At least six Humpbacks were seen foraging near Double Bay. One whale breached at least twice while another slapped the sea with its fluke.

Dozens of Harbour seals were dotted like freckles, covering many of the rocks and reefs of the picturesque Stephenson Islets, and just above an Eagle stood posed as though King of the rock, with a backdrop of the stunning BC mainland mountains.

A beautiful day that gave our guests a memorable experience, adding to the photos and memories they will happily travel home with.

Hayley ShephardComment