Springer, other Orcas & Humpbacks

On todays afternoon trip there was plenty of wildlife to see. The afternoon started off with light westerly winds and a mixture of sun and cloud. We cruised up to Queen Charlotte Strait where we found a mother and calf Humpback whale and 2 pods of Orcas all spread out foraging for salmon. The Orca we had the best sighting of was Springer aka A73. This little 6 year old whale's mother died a few years ago. She then became lost and emaciated before she was found and relocated to her home waters through a joint effort between Canadian and American vets, techs, biologists, and researchers. She is doing great and now swims with her great aunt's pod (the A11's) but today she approached our vessel to have a closer look at us before getting back to foraging and travelling west with the rest of them. It was a beautiful encounter with a beautiful little whale. On the way home we spotted a third Humpback whale during our afternoon tea which completed our trip nicely.

Humpback whale