What a day!

Another great trip! The warm southeast was blowing all day but with our stay sail up for most of the trip we just cut through the choppy water. We had people aboard from age 8 to age 79 and everyone loved it. Once we arrived to where the Orcas were we followed them into the calm waters of Blackfish Sound. It was here that we turned off the engine and sailed along slowly with them while listening to their vocals on our hydrophone. It was pretty nice. Altogether we saw 13 whales with members from 3 different families. 11 of them were swimming very close together the whole time while 2 were up ahead of the others leading the way towards Queen Charlotte Strait. On the way home while everyone was enjoying afternoon tea with fresh baked scones with jam and whip cream we spotted 6 Bald Eagles, 1 of which was sitting in its nest. We also saw 1 Cassin's Auklet and hundreds of Red-necked Phalaropes. A great trip indeed!

A8's and A35's
A8's & A35's