Lots of whales and sails

Like yesterday, we saw a whole lot of wildlife today despite the wet weather. The day started off with a light to moderate wind and a touch of drizzle but ended up flat calm with a clearing sky. We cruised out into Queen Charlotte Strait and eventually came across 2 Humpback whales. We had a nice look at a calf for some time before its mother surfaced about half a mile away after being on a very long dive. They grouped up and once together began to surface in unison. We watched as they took a few deep dives and lifted both their tails high into the air on their way down. The calf didn't quite look as coordinated as its mother but seemed to be getting the hang of it. A few miles distant we could see the blows and dorsal fins of a whole lot of Orcas so proceeded in that direction while we ate a fine lunch of carrot mint soup, sockeye salmon, and warm bread rolls. Once with the Orcas the sails were hoisted and the hydrophone deployed. Some whales were rubbing on the beach while others were further offshore. In total we saw over 20 animals and they all had a lot to say. The underwater sounds were amazing! We sailed along with them for some time before heading for home. Our traditional devonshire tea was served along the way while meandering amongst the islands as the sun was starting to come out. This special 8 hour trip is the way to go for those who enjoy spending the extra time on the water sailing and watching whales.

A33 & Canadian Coast Guard 508