Lots of Whales

Another overcast, yet mild day with loads of whales! Our sail with the whales tour today began with exactly that. There were 4 pods of Orcas in total and they were all swimming close together and surfacing in unison in typical resting fashion. It was a great way to view these amazing animals as when they are all surfacing together you can gain an appreciation for how family orientated these animals are. We sailed alongside of them all for some time before turning and sailing much of the way home. On todays afternoon trip the same group of 25 or so Orcas had continued on down the strait where they were met by our motor vessel Cetacea. The whale watching was amazing as was the porpoise watching. The Dall's porpoises love to cruise along under the bow of Cetacea and today was a great day to witness it as there were a huge number of them darting this way and that while everyone watched from above. On both trips we also saw plenty of birdlife, including hundreds of Red-necked Phalaropes, and lots of Bald Eagles including a chick on a nest.

Resting Orcas
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